Queue management - it's easier than you think!
Why BinaryQ™
We have built a system that just works so you can relax and concentrate on what matters to you most
We are using only well known service providers and hence guarantee system uptime of 99.98%
Any device
Our system is working on every Web based device and OS
Setup in just 15 minutes
It's true – system setup in just 15 minutes! To fully configure and launch one office only 2 hours are needed.
Technical support
Our technical team will be glad to answer your questions about the system by phone or e-mail.
Mobile app
Getting in the queue is very simple, you can do it right from the sofa! Our app is free to download and use.
Your clients save their time for what matters to them most. No more wasted time in the queues!
System will show estimated wait time and the number of people in front of the client.
Care for environment
Save a tree! With our mobile app there is no need to use ordinary paper tickets anymore.
Download for free
Mobile app BinaryQ is available on App Store and Google Play.
Make your phone waiting in the queue instead of yourself!
Get the valued feedback from your customers!
Built-in Questionnaires and Quality of Service functions will help you to improve your customer service.
Get the feedback with a smile
You choose whether to get the Quality of Service valuation of the whole office or particular staff member only.
Get an answer for important questions right from your clients.
Simple and handy
All reports are available via administrator dashboard and can be setup in just few minutes.
Recommended equipment
Our system works virtually on any web based device yet we recommend to use professional hardware for smooth operation.
Main display
Desk display
Main display
Digital signage functionality publishes different content such as video, graphics and widgets. It allows to control what and when is shown using easily configurable playlists. With the help of the system, it's possible to choose the display layout that suits best from a range of built-in ones.

Desk display
Innovative and informative desk display in lieu of obsolete LED panels.
Desk display offers flexible solution to display status:
Ready to service
Busy completing a task
Stylish self-service kiosk allows the customer to take the ticket easily thanks to clean and simple multi-language interface.
In case the queue length exceeds the pre-set value, the customer is given an option to enter his or her mobile phone number for SMS notifications on the queue progress.

Implementation steps
Buy license
Choose the license requried based on monthly or annual fee.
Hardware setup
Buy the recommended equipment or setup your own.
System setup
We will help you to do the initial setup and train your personnel.
System is up and we take care it's at your service 24/7.
Customer service office, St.Petersburg
Customer service office, St.Petersburg
Customer service office, St.Petersburg
Customer service office, Orel
Customer service office, Orel
Customer service office, Orel
Customer service office, Orel
MFD Health Centres, Riga
MFD Health Centres, Riga
MFD Health Centres, Riga

We like our customers
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